Refund & Guarantee Policy

USCIS Guarantee

We'll provide a full refund for any translation not accepted by a school or USCIS for any reason if the transaction is within 90 days. If the transaction is past 90 days, a credit will be applied to your account in the amount of the original transaction.

Acceptance Policy

USCES is a provider of certified translations. USCES is not responsible for determining whether an organization, group, court, government agency or bureau, or municipality will accept our translations. We do not provide refunds for evaluations not accepted by an organization, group, court, government agency or bureau, or municipality (except USCIS pursuant to our USCIS Guarantee).

Refund Policy

An order can only be refunded if it has not yet been sent to a evaluator or translator (the order status will be "New Order"). Orders that have been sent to a evaluator are indicated with the status "In Progress", "In Review" or "Complete". If the translation order has completed in its entirety, a refund is not given. Please reach out to us for revision.

Revision Policy

Revisions may be requested to an order by the customer. It is at the discretion of the evaluator whether the revision modifies the original content or corrects an error in translation. It is the policy of the company to not revise original content. Revisions are free. Revisions must be requested within 30 days of when the order was completed.

Notarization Policy

All notarized orders are notarized in the State of Indiana.

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