What is an Academic Evaluation?


Every program in a university or even every immigration procedure has certain requirements and criteria that the person has to meet.

An Academic Evaluation is a roadmap or a resource that will tell you which criteria you have completed and which are left unmet. It will give you an overall idea of how well you are prepared for the admission process and whether you have everything that is required.

What are the used of Academic Evaluation?

Some of the sectors or scenarios where Academic Evaluation comes handy are as follows –

  • Academic study and admissions
  • Military service
  • Applying for various jobs
  • Professional licensing
  • Immigration procedures

What are the types of Academic Evaluation?

There are different types of Academic Evaluation services and they are explained below –

  • General Evaluation – This type of evaluation does not usually include a course-by-course evaluation. It involves the establishment of US equivalent years of study. This type of evaluation is mostly required by immigration officers, employment purposes and admission to colleges and universities.
  • Grade Evaluation – This involves the evaluation of documents up to high-school level and also takes into consideration the GPA. If someone is enrolling for a bachelor’s degree program, then this evaluation process in required.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation – This involves the evaluation of higher education with a complete analysis of every course undertaken. If you are planning to enroll for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program, then this evaluation process comes of use. Sometimes they are also used for teacher certification.

The authenticity of the documents you provide will also be tested by the Academic Evaluation services.