Credential Evaluation in El Paso

Credential Evaluation in El Paso

Credential Evaluation in El Paso

Do you guys do credential evaluation services in El Paso? The answer is a HUGE “YES!” We have been proud to service the El Paso area.

El Paso is located in the far Western corner of the state of Texas along the sparkling shores of the river- Rio Grande. It is the sixth largest city in the state and is not called the Sun City for nothing. El Paso forms part of the Chihuahuan Desert and is stated to be one of the sunniest places in the whole of United States with hot and dry summers and mild winters.

The city of El Paso was part of Mexico until 1846- the twin border cities of  Juarez and El Paso were carved apart by history from the same city when American forces seized parts of the south-western desert. That is why even today, American and Mexican culture exist side by side in the city of El Paso. In fact, it is regarded as a ‘true melting pot of both cultures’ and there is evidence of this everywhere. This has attracted students from all over the world. Many immigrants, new to El Paso, are flocking to the many schools and colleges that offer a variety of educational settings, certificates, degrees and PhD programs.

To make things easy for these immigrants, credential evaluation companies in El Paso are ironing out the creases to pave the way for smooth and seamless access to higher education.

Credential Evaluation in El Paso is a must as it helps universities, colleges and employers across the world to understand foreign education and assess applicants for either admission or employment. Many companies in El Paso are providing such services to help immigrants. Colleges and universities that invite students with different educational backgrounds to study on their campuses, need to be able to evaluate foreign educational credentials accurately and easily. This is where credential evaluation companies can use their services optimally.

One the one hand, such services help admission officers understand students’ qualifications and also lets students know what courses and electives can be transferred. Credential evaluation saves students a lot of time and money and also clears up confusion for admission officers by helping them better understand foreign student qualifications.

Students can also receive a GPA (grade point average), which is the U.S. or Canadian equivalent of the student’s coursework. In addition to the duration of the program and course descriptions, the credential evaluation companies verify the authenticity of student documents and lets students know whether a particular institution is accredited or not.

Thus, in addition to helping admissions officers, credential evaluation is equally important to students. Apart for identifying the best school or college, evaluation officers will also discuss financial implications, review the fund position, help prospective students write good college essays and give them important information about the city of El Paso.

Credential Evaluation companies help students to merge into the mainstream and begin their new lives in a confident manner.

Making a transition to a new country and leading a new lifestyle overnight is not easy.  In fact, the situation can be pretty overwhelming because of the huge gulf that exists between cultures and the immense difference in ways of living.

Credential Evaluation in El Paso make the integration painless and seamless. Keeping student interests in mind, they nudge and coax them into being part of the whole.