Pakistan Degree Equivalency in USA


When you seek for higher education or a job in USA, you will have to submit the documents involving your past education credentials or any work experience.

Due to the difference in education system in every country, the degree that you earned in your home country might not be the same equivalent in USA.

The same applies to those who are coming from Pakistan. To know the equivalency of your Pakistan degree, you will have to hire credential services, who will then evaluate your documents for you and let you know the equivalency of the same in USA.

The equivalency of a degree depends on many factors. There is no simple explanation or direct law that would determine the equivalency for all countries this is because the education system varies from one country to the other.

The structure of education in your home country plays a big role in this process. The education ladder of the country where you have completed your high school education will be taken into consideration. Then it will be compared with the education structure in the United States.

In some countries, students take a Bachelor’s degree after their high school which involves a three-year course of study. But in some other countries, students take a five-course and gain an university degree which gives them a chance for a direct doctoral program.

So, the equivalency of the different degrees in US will differ and that is why you need a credential evaluation service to determine the degree equivalency for you.