What is a Certified Translation?

When you are required to submit a piece of document to a government or other official agency but in the translated state, you will have to submit a certified translation.

A certified translation is not the same as notarized translation although people often confuse between the both.

When a translator or the language service provider gives you a translated document and he or she has given a signed statement stating that the document has been translated in the right way and is a true representation of the actual document, it is called certified translation.

When do you need certified translation?

Certified translation is required in a variety of situations and some of them are mentioned below –

  • Whenever you are submitting any legal document like that of death, birth, adopting agreements, marriage, business contracts or even court transcripts a certified translation is required when these documents are not written in the official language of that particular country.
  • Foreign students who are planning to pursue further education in other countries also have to submit a certified translation of the documents.
  • Immigration procedures often required a certified translation especially when the native language of your previous country does not match the official language of the country you are immigrating to and thus the documents cannot be read.
  • Sometimes criminal records are required by HRs during recruitment and if the language is different then, a certified translation is required.

So, almost all official work which requires submission of documents require certified translation if there is an event of language change.

Pakistan Degree Equivalency in USA

When you seek for higher education or a job in USA, you will have to submit the documents involving your past education credentials or any work experience.

Due to the difference in education system in every country, the degree that you earned in your home country might not be the same equivalent in USA.

The same applies to those who are coming from Pakistan. To know the equivalency of your Pakistan degree, you will have to hire credential services, who will then evaluate your documents for you and let you know the equivalency of the same in USA.

The equivalency of a degree depends on many factors. There is no simple explanation or direct law that would determine the equivalency for all countries this is because the education system varies from one country to the other.

The structure of education in your home country plays a big role in this process. The education ladder of the country where you have completed your high school education will be taken into consideration. Then it will be compared with the education structure in the United States.

In some countries, students take a Bachelor’s degree after their high school which involves a three-year course of study. But in some other countries, students take a five-course and gain an university degree which gives them a chance for a direct doctoral program.

So, the equivalency of the different degrees in US will differ and that is why you need a credential evaluation service to determine the degree equivalency for you.

Notarized translation of birth certificate

When you are leaving your home country and immigrating to a foreign country, whatever may the reason be, you have to carry all your important documents with you.

One such important document is your birth certificate. It is very commonly used for identification purposes or even as a proof of your date of birth. But if the language of the country you are immigrating to does not match the language of your birth certificate, you will have to get a notarized translated.

Where is a notarized translation of birth certificate required?

The requirement for a notarized translation of birth certificates is in many cases –

  • Visa applications and immigration procedures are the most common places where you need it.
  • If you are migrating to US, then you will need it in the US Social Security benefits application.
  • If you are enrolling your child in a school or college, you will need the notarized translation of his/her birth certificate.
  • Passport applications also require the document.
  • Driver’s License and Marriage License applications require the birth certificated to be translated and notarized as well.
  • Business establishments will also require your birth certificate to have a notarized translation.
  • Applying for jobs and getting hired by companies require the document too.

A birth certificate is something that is required by all institutions whenever it comes to identity or date of birth proof. You can get your birth certificate a notarized translation from any reputable agency.

How to Evaluate My Diploma in USA?

Many people tend to pursue their higher education in the USA every year and some people even come for work. But to immigrate to the country ofter requires a visa application and for that you will have to provide correct proof for your education credentials and past work experience.

So, if your diploma is from your home country where you graduated, you might be thinking – “Is it valid in the US?” Well there is no straight answer to your question, because it will depend on a huge number of factors.

So, if you want to know whether your diploma from your home country is actually valid in the US or not, you should get your diploma evaluated. Only then can you compare your diploma to the education requirements of US standards.

The easiest way to get your diploma evaluated is to take the help of a credential evaluation service. Credential evaluation is a very helpful tool to find out whether your education is equivalent to the US standards of admission or not. This helps high school graduates a great deal when they are seeking to take admission to a college or university in the US.

The credential services are not government bodies, instead they are third-party services. You just have to submit copies of your verified transcript and your diploma to these agencies so that they can evaluate them for you. You should also contact your high school and get a copy of the proof that you have completed your schooling there.

How Do I Become a Certified Translator?

Do you want to translate documents for official purposes and become a certified translator? Well then you have to follow a few steps and in order to become one. The ways to become a certified translator are mentioned below –

  • Receive certification from ATA or American Translators Association

This is the first step and ATA is widely recognized for providing generalized certification programs. Various types of language translations are included in this translation certificate. Once you check the language they are providing, you have to see whether you meet all the eligibility requirements. Then, you have to see whether you fulfill the conditions needed for accreditation. You will also be tested in a challenging exam of three hours long. Once you pass all the steps, you will be given the certification.

  • Receive certification from National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

Here too, you need to first check your eligibility requirements and then check whether you fit in it or not. There will be a two-part federal interpreter test which you have to pass. Then you have to sit for the state interpreter test when you pass the previous one. Once you pass all the tests, you will be given your certification for being a translator.

  • Receive certification from National Board of Certified Medical Interpreters (CMI)

In case you are interested in working as a translator in the medical field, then you will have to get a certification from CMI. Here too, you will have to pass a test.

So, if you get a certification from either of the three above mentioned bodies, you can start your work as a certified translator.