What is degree equivalency?

Are you still confused to know what is degree equivalency? Degree equivalency is an assessment of a credential from a different country. There is no single law or rule that holds true in defining a degree across comparative Education System.

Fundamentally, a degree should be awarded for completing an educational benchmark. One common outlier is the three year bachelor’s degree which requires three years of full time study, then there is a five year University degree granting direct access to doctoral programs, the highest attainment levels.

The credential evaluation process requires two things. First and foremost an absolute understanding of the Education System structure in the United States including the scope of degrees granted to each subject.

 Secondly, knowledge of the system of education of the country of origin including degree and credential naming conventions. The structure of education ladder and degrees for each field of study as well as documentation standards and quantitative assessment systems is also important.

Only then can an evaluator with a degree of certainty recommend a U S equivalency for a foreign credential. When all the above pieces match to your knowledge, degree equivalency can be achieved.

The equivalency Evaluation service you choose should not include a cumbersome and confusing application process. The accurate evaluation of your foreign Educational credential is important so you need an equivalency evaluation service which you can trust.

What is International Credential Evaluation?

The International Credential Evaluation helps people to gain the recognition they need to pursue their educational goals and careers in U.S.

Using well established evaluation methodologies, the International Credential Evaluation evaluates the credential of people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels with the terms of U.S

Who benefits from the International Credential Evaluation reports?

  • Educational institutions
  • Students who have completed their education outside U.S
  • Licensing bodies.
  • Government services.
  • Immigration organizations.
  • Employers and Employment agencies.

Why the International Credential Evaluation is Useful?

  • It helps individuals pursue a variety of goals, career planning, job search, licensing, professional recognition and immigration.
  • It saves organization’s time and money by eliminating the need for extensive resources and research time to complete their own evaluations.
  • It helps the licensing bodies, employers and Educational institutions determine if and individuals credentials meet requirements for employment, licensure or admission.

It brings together a variety of innovative Educational assessment services allowing individuals to receive recognition and credit for studies they have completed elsewhere.

The International Credential Evaluation does not evaluate:

  • Military Training
  • Second language training
  • Professional licenses
  • Work or life experience
  • Continuing education courses taken at some non recognized institutions.
  • Incomplete or provisional academic credentials.
  • Non credit professional development courses.

An Educational Credential Assessment is a statement if the general comparability of international Educational credentials in the format that United States requires.

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Where to get a diploma evaluated?

Do you have a foreign diploma and wondering where to get a diploma evaluated, you’re absolutely at the right place?

USA is referred as land of opportunities because if it’s abundance of leading a academic institutions. However, foreign students and job seekers coming to the U S for a chance at a better life may face certain obstacles along the way.

Foreign students, graduates and job seekers in USA need a verification of the academic credentials at some point of time if they wish to attend a U.S University, enlist in the U.S military or secure employment. The first inclination maybe to turn to the federal government for assistance. Unfortunately U.S government offers a number of valuable programs to immigrants, foreign diploma evaluation is not one of them.

Here is where Diploma evaluation services comes to assist immigrants in your time of need. It provides you with a variety of value Added services including course analysis, translation and verification of documents at a price which perfectly suits your budget.

The thorough and accurate reports of diploma evaluation services give decision makers all the information they need to facilitate their selection process. There are various types of evaluations covering a multitude of needs like general analysis, simple equivalency, course analysis and division analysis etc.

Applicants can complete the evaluation form in as little as 5-10 minutes. The pricing structure contains no hidden fees or other unwanted surprises.

Which is the best credential evaluation Service?

People across the world strive to better themselves through education. They might migrate to different countries and continents in pursuit of a great Education. United States attract a huge number of International students from all over the world. This diversity of applicants necessitates a common ground for evaluating educational credentials.

This is where credential evaluators take part in. The evaluators work according to a well formulated ethical standard in the field of foreign educational evaluation in terms of in order to serve people who have completed their education outside U.S.

Choosing a reliable foreign educational credential evaluation Service is similar to choosing other professional service providers.

The questions for choosing a best credential evaluation are:

  • Is the credential evaluators a member of a professional organization?
  • Does the evaluator offer the type of type of credential evaluation required for the pertaining course?
  • Are the credential evaluation reports given in the necessary format for the intended purpose?
  • How competent are the fees for these evaluation reports?
  • Does the credential evaluation agency has a quick and efficient setup for answering customer queries?
  • What is the refund policy in case of withdrawal of the evaluation application?
  • What is the average time taken for the credential evaluation reports?
  • What policy does the credential evaluation agency have to handle its disputes?

These questions form a basic criteria for selecting the best credential evaluation Services.

What are the requirements for H1B visa?

H1b is an employment which is based non immigrant visa for temporary workers in America. It is an employer sponsored visa.

Who qualifies for H1B visa?

H1b is issued to a specialty occupation, requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge along with a bachelor’s degree or it’s equivalent.

The United States employer must be able to justify the exclusive need for this foreign worker. He should also prove that the task cannot be accomplished by a local citizen who may either be unavailable or not qualified either professionally or academically.

What are the Educational requirements for H1B?

One of the basic requirements of H1b is Education. To qualify for the H1b visa category, the prospective H1B employee should hold a U S bachelor’s or higher degree or the equivalent. The person must hold a U.S equivalent 4 years bachelors or higher degree from an accredited college or University.  3 years of work experience in similar field can be considered to one year additional qualification.

Additionally, the individual must be fully qualified to lawfully perform the duties of the position offered. In occupations that need licensure or professional credentials, the individual must already hold such a qualification before the H1b visa petition can be filed.

Documents required for H1b visa petition

Employer may require certain document from the foreign worker for the petition.

•          Scanned copy of passport

•          Degrees/certificates

•          Letter of current employment

•          Proof of previous employment

•          Certifications/achievements