Credential Evaluation in Washington

Credential Evaluation in Washington

Credential Evaluation in Washington

Do you guys do credential evaluation services in Washington? The answer is a HUGE “YES!” We have been proud to service theWashington area.

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States is referred to as the District of Columbia. Located in the East Coast alongside the Potomac River, the city was named in honor of President George Washington.

The city is home to many private and public universities that are well recognized for their high standards, excellent faculty, cutting-edge research, innovative and inspiring coursework and challenging education settings. Apart from that, the cultural diversity of the student community makes for an interesting mix of cultures and identities. It’s no wonder that students and people flock to the city for higher education.

Some of the country’s most iconic monuments are in Washington- coupled with a vibrant community of students, faculty and staff, who are passionate about academic excellence, getting admitted to its colleges and universities is a dream come true for many.  However, all international students and immigrant wishing to pursue higher studies need to undergo a formal evaluation of credentials.

Credential Evaluation in Washington is regarded as trusted quality assurance bodies that evaluate the credentials of prospective students by verifying the bonafide of their academic achievements and their individual merit. The students are made aware of the type of academic institutions they are entering and also its accreditation status. Such evaluation serves to protect all those that are involved.

Officers of credential evaluation services undertake to translate transcripts and certificates in other languages into English. They also convert the grades obtained, create a GPA and synchronise it with an equivalent US degree. This helps admission officers decide whether the student is to be admitted or not.

Each case is dealt with separately and evaluated for authenticity and merit. Many tools and resources are used in this process. This makes it easier to make placement decisions that are in line with the policies of the institution. Also admission officers are easier in their mind about the validity of student claims for admission and are protected from fraud. Credential evaluation also helps ascertain the status of foreign academic institutions where students completed their education.

Credential Evaluation in Washington also entails a biographical check wherein the name and other educational information is checked to ensure that they correspond with the information in the documents.

Armed with information, admission officers can suitably help students to make the correct decision while applying to US institutions. They can also help students integrate with the others, help them deal with finance, answer their questions and clear their doubts on any subject that bothers them.

Credential evaluation agencies are really a boon for admission officers, who are harassed and over-worked. They can advise students about their eligibility to courses and help them make the right choice. After all, it’s not easy to be move to a new country that’s so different from their own and study in an environment that is alien to them.