How much does a credential evaluation cost?

The fees for a credential report and the length of time to get one can vary and can change without notice. Each assessment organization sets their cost for a credential evaluation.

For most people the cost is about $200 plus the cost to have it delivered. Delivery costs depend on the country or how you choose it to be sent. Delivery with courier being the most expensive.

You will need to contact the respective assessment organization in order to find out how much it will cost. The turn around time to get your credentials evaluated is also different for each organization.

The basic evaluation fees can be:

  • Diploma evaluation: $85
  • Course by course evaluation: $149

The additional fees may include:

  • Rush services: Varies from company to company.
  • 3 day Service: +$100
  • Same day service: $195
  • Delivery options: This option also differs from company to company. An example is given below:
  • Overnight delivery: +$25
  • 2nd day courier delivery: +$15
  • International courier service : $50
  • Fax: +5$

For most of the companies, the fee is not refundable and is subject to change.

In most cases, the evaluation is completed in 7 business days depending on the type of service you request. In case of additional research or when verification is required, more time might be needed.

You should start the process as early as possible and submit all documents which are required for a timely completion. provide the cheapest and fastest delivery of Credential Evaluation in the industry: Click here to get your FREE price quote.

World Education Evaluation Services

A world education Service evaluation is your key to education and employment. The World Education Evaluation Services make sure that your international academic credentials are recognized.

The evaluation converts the educational credentials from different countries in the world into U.S equivalents. It describes each diploma or degree that you have received and states it’s academic equivalency.

WES evaluation is universally accepted and often specifically requested by academic institutions, licensing boards and government agencies throughout the U.S.

If you have completed your educational qualifications outside the United States, you must have credentials evaluated to have them understood and recognized by an educational institutions and certification boards in the U.S. An evaluation provides you with the U.S academic equivalents for your credentials and will allow you to pursue further education or seek employment in the U.S.

You must have your credentials evaluated as early as possible in order to make the most out of the evaluation. There is no specific U.S government agency that evaluates credentials. Credentials are always evaluated by Universities and by private organizations. An evaluation compares your credentials with the U.S educational equivalents.

Usually an Evaluation is completed in 7 business days depending on the type of service you request. All credentials are reviewed before performing the evaluation and if a credential requires additional information, the respective company will contact the institution that issued it to obtain the necessary information or to have it verified. provide the cheapest and fastest Credential Evaluations in the industry. Click here to get a FREE quote

What is course by course evaluation?

A course by course evaluation determines an Individual’s United States Educational equivalency. It is different from document to document evaluation as it also provides an elaborative description of the subjects and coursework which was completed at the student’s foreign academic institution along with an average of grade point and credit hours analysis. It is mostly used for Educational or career purposes where transfer credit or coursework assessment is needed.

This type of evaluation includes:

  • The application number and completion date.
  • An evaluation summary which includes: the name of the institution and country, the type of program, the amount of time attended, the type of degree earned with its U.S equivalence and comments and the date on which these credentials were awarded.
  • A detailed list of courses taken in your major and minor area of concentration. It should be listing each subject with its average grade point adjusted to the U.S Educational scale.

It includes U.S degree equivalency, U.S credits, U.S grades and GPA. It includes a synopsis of each Educational credential and it’s U.S equivalency.  It is recommended for Licensing, College Admission, Federal Employment, Immigration or more. If you are not sure of which evaluation to order, course by course evaluation is the most complete and apt report that can serve any purpose. A course by course evaluation can also be conducted of high school or secondary school credentials but it will only include subjects and grades.

What is Credential Evaluation for H1b?

A credential evaluation for H1b visa is the procedure that seeks to determine the equivalency of foreign degrees or experience with the Education in U.S.

What does a credential evaluation contains?

A credential evaluation usually contains a description of the Education credentials, including degree awarded, the name of the institution, the year it was awarded and the major field of study.

Why is evaluation required for H1b visa?

Because the H1b visa requires that applicants have a U S bachelor’s degree or it’s equivalent. The USCIS must have the evidence that you either have a U.S bachelor’s degree or that your foreign degree is equivalent to a particular U.S degree.

How to obtain credential evaluation for H1B visa?

The equivalency can be determined by the following routes:

  • An assessment from a recognized official University employee who possess the power to grant college level credit.
  • An assessment of education by a trustworthy and recognized credential evaluation service which specializes in assessing foreign Education Evaluation for H1B.
  • A recognized college level equivalency examination result or a special credit program.
  • A determination by the USCIS that the degree required by the specific occupation is equivalent and has been acquired by a combination of education and focused training in the areas related to that specialty.

US regulations limit the scope of foreign credential evaluators to evaluate only foreign Education and not experience.

What is degree equivalency?

Are you still confused to know what is degree equivalency? Degree equivalency is an assessment of a credential from a different country. There is no single law or rule that holds true in defining a degree across comparative Education System.

Fundamentally, a degree should be awarded for completing an educational benchmark. One common outlier is the three year bachelor’s degree which requires three years of full time study, then there is a five year University degree granting direct access to doctoral programs, the highest attainment levels.

The credential evaluation process requires two things. First and foremost an absolute understanding of the Education System structure in the United States including the scope of degrees granted to each subject.

 Secondly, knowledge of the system of education of the country of origin including degree and credential naming conventions. The structure of education ladder and degrees for each field of study as well as documentation standards and quantitative assessment systems is also important.

Only then can an evaluator with a degree of certainty recommend a U S equivalency for a foreign credential. When all the above pieces match to your knowledge, degree equivalency can be achieved.

The equivalency Evaluation service you choose should not include a cumbersome and confusing application process. The accurate evaluation of your foreign Educational credential is important so you need an equivalency evaluation service which you can trust.