Which is the best credential evaluation services?

People often move to other countries where they can pursue higher education. This leads to a diversity of application from a variety of countries for US educational institutions. A credential evaluation service is required for evaluating the credentials of the people coming from these countries.

So, if you are looking for the best credential evaluation service, then you must look for these qualities in them.

  • Check whether the company only evaluates credentials or verifies them as well

Not all companies verify the credentials, they just evaluate them but this does not complete the work. So, if you are looking for the best company in this field, you will need someone who will have enough responsibility as to go and check with the respective foreign institution about the credentials of the applicant.

  • Quality of service in a shorter turnaround time

If a credential evaluation service takes forever to evaluate your details, then it is not worth it to hire them. Some companies may take months or weeks while others can get the same work done in days.

  • Transparency in prices

No one prefers a shady business. Before hiring a credential evaluation service, you must make sure that they have stated all their charges and will not charge anything else later on. You must also make sure that the representative from the company is easily reachable so that you can contact them immediately in case of any problem.

These are some of the qualities that any good credential evaluation service must possess.

What is an Academic Evaluation?

Every program in a university or even every immigration procedure has certain requirements and criteria that the person has to meet.

An Academic Evaluation is a roadmap or a resource that will tell you which criteria you have completed and which are left unmet. It will give you an overall idea of how well you are prepared for the admission process and whether you have everything that is required.

What are the used of Academic Evaluation?

Some of the sectors or scenarios where Academic Evaluation comes handy are as follows –

  • Academic study and admissions
  • Military service
  • Applying for various jobs
  • Professional licensing
  • Immigration procedures

What are the types of Academic Evaluation?

There are different types of Academic Evaluation services and they are explained below –

  • General Evaluation – This type of evaluation does not usually include a course-by-course evaluation. It involves the establishment of US equivalent years of study. This type of evaluation is mostly required by immigration officers, employment purposes and admission to colleges and universities.
  • Grade Evaluation – This involves the evaluation of documents up to high-school level and also takes into consideration the GPA. If someone is enrolling for a bachelor’s degree program, then this evaluation process in required.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation – This involves the evaluation of higher education with a complete analysis of every course undertaken. If you are planning to enroll for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program, then this evaluation process comes of use. Sometimes they are also used for teacher certification.

The authenticity of the documents you provide will also be tested by the Academic Evaluation services.

What is a Course by Course Evaluation?

When you are applying to study in a foreign university, you will have to submit all your past education credentials.

Since the education system in different countries is different, a course by course evaluation of the credentials is required. In short, a course by course evaluation will include a document of all the education credentials that you have provided and its U.S equivalency.

What does the course by course evaluation include?

The course by course evaluation will go through all the stages of education that you have received so far and then analyze them. It will include –

  • The U.S equivalent for all your credentials like degree, diploma, transcript of record or certificate and all of these are submitted for evaluation
  • It will also include a short and precise description of the course and the requirements of admission and also the time required by the course for completion.
  • The location of the institution and years of attendance are also required.
  • The evaluation will also provide the accreditation status of the institution in the mentioned country.
  • The list of subjects that you have studied so far.
  • Your grades will be converted to U.S. grades.
  • Your hours of lectures or laboratory hours will be converted to semester credit hours.
  • A GPA for U.S universities will be calculated.

The above course by course evaluation comes handy in a variety of places the primary one being admission to colleges or universities for further study.

Pakistan Degree Equivalency in USA

When you seek for higher education or a job in USA, you will have to submit the documents involving your past education credentials or any work experience.

Due to the difference in education system in every country, the degree that you earned in your home country might not be the same equivalent in USA.

The same applies to those who are coming from Pakistan. To know the equivalency of your Pakistan degree, you will have to hire credential services, who will then evaluate your documents for you and let you know the equivalency of the same in USA.

The equivalency of a degree depends on many factors. There is no simple explanation or direct law that would determine the equivalency for all countries this is because the education system varies from one country to the other.

The structure of education in your home country plays a big role in this process. The education ladder of the country where you have completed your high school education will be taken into consideration. Then it will be compared with the education structure in the United States.

In some countries, students take a Bachelor’s degree after their high school which involves a three-year course of study. But in some other countries, students take a five-course and gain an university degree which gives them a chance for a direct doctoral program.

So, the equivalency of the different degrees in US will differ and that is why you need a credential evaluation service to determine the degree equivalency for you.

How much does a credential evaluation cost?

The fees for a credential report and the length of time to get one can vary and can change without notice. Each assessment organization sets their cost for a credential evaluation.

For most people the cost is about $200 plus the cost to have it delivered. Delivery costs depend on the country or how you choose it to be sent. Delivery with courier being the most expensive.

You will need to contact the respective assessment organization in order to find out how much it will cost. The turn around time to get your credentials evaluated is also different for each organization.

The basic evaluation fees can be:

  • Diploma evaluation: $85
  • Course by course evaluation: $149

The additional fees may include:

  • Rush services: Varies from company to company.
  • 3 day Service: +$100
  • Same day service: $195
  • Delivery options: This option also differs from company to company. An example is given below:
  • Overnight delivery: +$25
  • 2nd day courier delivery: +$15
  • International courier service : $50
  • Fax: +5$

For most of the companies, the fee is not refundable and is subject to change.

In most cases, the evaluation is completed in 7 business days depending on the type of service you request. In case of additional research or when verification is required, more time might be needed.

You should start the process as early as possible and submit all documents which are required for a timely completion.

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