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We combine experienced credential evaluations with smart web based tools to build a global workforce that provides unbeatable quality, speed and value for our clients.

Meet The USCES Team

Anthony Wallace

Senior Evaluator

Anthony Wallace received his BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Kansas State University and began his career as a process engineer at IFR Systems in Wichita, Kansas. He first was tasked with integrating new Wave Solder technologies, improving production processes, while reducing cost, and maintaining a high level of quality.
From there, he went on to receive his Masters degree in International Education, and worked in the Admissions departments at many Universities, evaluating foreign degrees.
After 7 years in this position and many successes, Anthony briefly left the technical field.
In 2007 Anthony made the decision to relocate his family to Dallas and return to his longtime love of International Education, with evaluating foreign degrees and transcripts.
If you would like to reach out to Anthony personally, you can contact him via LinkedIn, or at Anthony@usces.org.

Our Organization

USCES.org is an experienced global evaluation firm, specializing in foreign degree evaluation for USCIS, Universities, Licensing boards, and employers.

Our evaluators have completed over 10,000 evaluations in over 10 years of business services provided.


USCES.org has some of the strictest security requirements for our evaluators. Your documents are handled in a completely secured network, only transmitted via encrypted channels, and audit logs are generated for every upload and download. We can also provide you or your organization a signed NDA for additional protection.

All of our evaluators have passed very stringent background and skills tests. Our recruitment efforts have brought us dozens of evaluators from government agencies including the State Department. Many also have experience handling the very embassy and immigration related documents that we typically evaluate. Additionally, they all must have higher educational experience..

We strive to maintain professionalism in every interaction with our clients. Whether your project is simple or complex, our evaluators will help you succeed in any way we can.

Our Mission Statement

At USCES.org, our mission is to grow an organization with a solid foundation of great people, incentives and communication with the clear objective of providing extraordinary customer service and professional, high-quality evaluations that connect our clients to the world.

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