What is Credential Evaluation for H1b?


A credential evaluation for H1b visa is the procedure that seeks to determine the equivalency of foreign degrees or experience with the Education in U.S.

What does a credential evaluation contains?

A credential evaluation usually contains a description of the Education credentials, including degree awarded, the name of the institution, the year it was awarded and the major field of study.

Why is evaluation required for H1b visa?

Because the H1b visa requires that applicants have a U S bachelor’s degree or it’s equivalent. The USCIS must have the evidence that you either have a U.S bachelor’s degree or that your foreign degree is equivalent to a particular U.S degree.

How to obtain credential evaluation for H1B visa?

The equivalency can be determined by the following routes:

  • An assessment from a recognized official University employee who possess the power to grant college level credit.
  • An assessment of education by a trustworthy and recognized credential evaluation service which specializes in assessing foreign Education Evaluation for H1B.
  • A recognized college level equivalency examination result or a special credit program.
  • A determination by the USCIS that the degree required by the specific occupation is equivalent and has been acquired by a combination of education and focused training in the areas related to that specialty.

US regulations limit the scope of foreign credential evaluators to evaluate only foreign Education and not experience.