What is course by course evaluation?


A course by course evaluation determines an Individual’s United States Educational equivalency. It is different from document to document evaluation as it also provides an elaborative description of the subjects and coursework which was completed at the student’s foreign academic institution along with an average of grade point and credit hours analysis. It is mostly used for Educational or career purposes where transfer credit or coursework assessment is needed.

This type of evaluation includes:

  • The application number and completion date.
  • An evaluation summary which includes: the name of the institution and country, the type of program, the amount of time attended, the type of degree earned with its U.S equivalence and comments and the date on which these credentials were awarded.
  • A detailed list of courses taken in your major and minor area of concentration. It should be listing each subject with its average grade point adjusted to the U.S Educational scale.

It includes U.S degree equivalency, U.S credits, U.S grades and GPA. It includes a synopsis of each Educational credential and it’s U.S equivalency.  It is recommended for Licensing, College Admission, Federal Employment, Immigration or more. If you are not sure of which evaluation to order, course by course evaluation is the most complete and apt report that can serve any purpose. A course by course evaluation can also be conducted of high school or secondary school credentials but it will only include subjects and grades.